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Беларуская Салідарнасьць
Плятформа «Беларуская Салідарнасць»


adopted at the rally of the Belarusian patriots and the representatives of the Belarusan democratic organizations on Memorial Day of the Belarusan victims and the anniversary of the Russian occupation of Belarus and the Russian aggression in Ukraine

In January 2022 the Russian Federation has lead its troops into Belarus in the guise of training exercises. The illegitimate chief of the state power Mr. Aliaksandr Lukashenka has facilitated this Russian military operation. The Russian troops have occupied the Belarusian military airfields, strategic plants as well as the national territory. Thus Russia has started the occupation of Belarus. In February the Russian troops have attacked Ukraine from the occupied territory of Belarus. Далей...

1/3/2023 › Навіны, English



to the governments of the democratic countries and the people of good will.

We, the patriots of Belarus, appeal the governments of the democratic countries and the people of good will. Our country is occupied by the Russian army and the treacherous anti-Belarusian Lukashenka gang which is killing and torturing the peaceful Belarusians.

February 24 will be one year since the Russian army has attacked Kiev and started the barbarian total aggression against Ukraine. The Putin’s regime supported by the Russian totalitarian society has declared its intention to annihilate the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian nation. Далей...

19/1/2023 › Навіны, English



The Lukashenka regime established by Moscow in Belarus is an undemocratic, anti-Belarusian, fascist and repressive regime. The illegitimate chief of the state power Mr. Aliaxandr Lukashenka is a henchman of Mr. Putin and a criminal number 2. During 28 years of his power Mr. Lukashenka has carried on the policy of russification of Belarus and annihilated the Belarusian nation using several invented call names of the Belarusians: as “the extremists”, “the opposition”, “the protesters”, “the troublemakers”, “the swindlers”, “the parasites” etc.

September 20, 2022 Mr. Lukashenka has expressed his support of the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the Russian occupation of Belarus. He has announced that the “conscious Belarusians” are his personal enemies and the enemies of his power. Далей...

25/9/2022 › Навіны, English



September 22, 2022 Mr. Putin has made a desperate statement expressing a threat to the nations and the world. He has used the rhetoric with a threat to use the nuclear weapon and alluded to a possibility to the nuclear power station in Ukraine to be exploded. Далей...

25/9/2022 › Навіны, English



(The open letter)

I request the politicians as well as state and political structures of the EU and Ukraine to file a lawsuit to the International Court of Justice in the Hague in order to institute criminal proceedings and undertake an investigation of the genocide of civilians in Ukraine perpetrated by the Russian occupation army and specifically the mass killings of civilians in Butcha (Kyiv region).

I make this call in the name of the Party of which I am a Chairman as well as personally because I have a moral right to do it as a person which fought the whole life against the Russian imperialist communism-fascism, and our struggle has lead to the proclamation of the independence of Belarus and to the elimination of communism in our country. Далей...

6/4/2022 › Навіны, Зянон Пазьняк, English




1. A „strong” response promised by Mr. Putin to the West is not yet completed but it has just become a reality. Russian troops were being moved into Belarus. The occupation process is continuing. Russian troops from whole Russia are moving up. 200 military trains are en route. Every train has 50 wagons (totally 10 thousand wagons). They are bringing the military equipment as well as 80-100 thousand troops. This is more than the whole Belarusian army. Далей...

24/1/2022 › Навіны, English



September 9, 2021 the usurper A. Lukashenka has committed the next crime acting as betrayer of the national interests of the Belarusian state and people. He and V. Putin have adopted the documents (“the roadmaps”) which in fact represent the plan of the gradual occupation as well as of the economic and political absorption of Belarus by Russia. November 4, 2021 V. Putin and A. Lukashenka wish to approve officially these documents and legalize “the road maps” through fictitious structures of the so called “union state”. Далей...

16/9/2021 › Навіны, English



June 14, 2021 the summit of chiefs of the NATO states and governments will take place at the NATO headquarters in Brussels chaired by the NATO General Secretary. The questions of Eastern Europe are on the agenda of the summit.

Thereby it should be made clear to the chiefs of the NATO states the Belarusian position on the issue of the elimination of the anti-popular terrorist Lukashenka regime in Belarus.

1. It is impossible to eliminate the Lukashenka regime by any most tough Western sanctions because Putin’s Russia will support the Lukashenka regime. Russia has the financial capacity to do this. Далей...

11/6/2021 › Навіны, Змаганьне за Беларусь, English


Memorandum on the Terrorist Regime in Belarus*

(*Гэты мэмарандум пасланы ў структуры кіраўніцтва Эўразьвязу і АБСЭ дзеля інфармацыі аб ацэнках і пазыцыі беларускага нацыянальна-вызвольнага змаганьня супраць прамаскоўскага тэрарыстычнага рэжыму ў Беларусі.)

The authoritarian personalist Lukashenka regime has been established in Belarus 26 years ago with the assistance of Russia. This regime has concentrated in its hands unlimited state power. The Lukashenka regime is one of the most sinister phenomena in the history of the antinational regimes in Europe. The existence of a such system of power represents a challenge for the European civilization. Далей...

10/6/2021 › Навіны, English



(The open letter to the politicians of the European Union)

Тhe terrorist anti-Belarusian Lukashenka regime has to be eliminated. The democratic countries in the West could support the Belarusian national forces which are struggling against the regime in Belarus and are capable to end its existence.

We understand that sanctions against the Lukashenka regime represent the natural reaction on the events in Belarus and the Lukashenka’s politics. At the same time we mean that the economic sanctions cannot result in the fall of the Lukashenka regime in the short term, because this regime is clearly directed and controlled by the Kremlin. Moscow is intended to incorporate Belarus into Russia. Далей...

31/5/2021 › Навіны, English


The Political Prisoners Should Be Released

Amnesty International
London, United Kingdom
1 Easton Street, London, WC1X 0DW, UK
[email protected]
[email protected]

Кансэрватыўна-Хрысьціянская Партыя – Беларускі Народны Фронт
Conservative Christian Party – Belarusan Peоple’s Front

The leadership of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusan People’s Front
Minsk (Belarus);
tel.: +375 17 282 36 74; +375 17 294 23 39
e-mail: [email protected]

The anti-Belarusan antidemocratic Lukashenka regime is launching the scheduled elections of the president of the Republic of Belarus. This political process is propelled by repressions, police raids, arrests and tortures in the prisons against the participants of the signature campaign in favour of the pretenders for appointment to the candidates.

Now more that 100 political prisoners are behind bars. Among them are the civil activists and organizers of the electoral campaign Mr. Siarhei Cihanouski and Mr. Pavel Sevyarynets who are detained in deplorable conditions and are tortured. They are detained in the punishment cells. They are forbidden to seat down and lie down as well as to sleep. They don’t receive anough potable water as well as food.

They don’t have right to receive care packeges from their families or humanitarian organizations. The jailers are insulting them verbally and physically. The Belarusan media abroad and the Human Right Center Vyasna have just published this information.

We hope that you will show the solidarity as well as support the persons illegally arrested on political grounds.

Zianon Pazniak, Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party – BPF
Yuri Belenki, Vice Chairman
Siarhei Papkou, Vice Chairman

June 24, 2020–Naviny-c_hyphenminus-Galownac_ja–fr–pg/00–Naviny-c_hyphenminus-

27/6/2020 › Навіны, English


Resolutions of the 12th Congress of the Conservative Christian Party - BPF

On February 22, Minsk hosted the 12th Congress of the Conservative Christian Party - Belarusian Popular Front (BPF Party) and XIV Congress of the Belarusian Popular Front “Revival”.
The Congress was given detailed analysis of the political and social situation in Belarus. Following the discussion, the resolution was adopted, three of which are published here.

It Is Necessary to Defend Belarus from Atomic Death


More than 20 years ago the catastrophe on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant took place. As a result of this tragedy Belarus has suffered huge economic losses and many human lives. It will take many decades to overcome the effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe.
Nowadays one more risk hangs over the Belarusian nation and the neighboring countries – the Astravets nuclear power plant. This nuclear power plant has been invented by Russia. This Russian project wasn’t tested. The nuclear power plant on the territory of Belarus has the Russian staff. It will use the Russian fuel. It has been constructed and will function on the Russian money which has been formalized as a credit to the regime in Belarus. The Belarusian people must pay back this credit with percents. The half of the produced energy will be directed to Russia. Далей...

4/3/2020 › Навіны, English


The People’s Mobilization for the Defence of the Independence of Belarus

resolution adopted at the protest rally December 21, 2019 in Minsk

A group of the state officials headed by Mr. A. Lukashenka agreed to commit an act of treason. They are ceding to Russia everything apart of their frauds on gas and petrol. But this is the common mafia affair of the Kremlin and the group of traitors in Belarus. They are debating the price of the treason.

It is necessary to stop the illegal activity of this group of state officials which is dealing the interests of the Belarusian people.

These persons don’t have any right to decide the future of the sovereignty of Belarus as well as the future of the Belarusian people. Their meetings in Moscow are anti-constitutional and illegal. They are acting before all the people. This is a conspiracy of the corrupt officials. These persons must be prosecuted. Далей...

26/12/2019 › Навіны, English


No to the Integration with Russia

Dear compatriots!

The Independence and sovereignty of Belarus are in danger. The Putin’s and Lukashenka’s governments are continuing the secret negotiations behind closed doors. They are preparing the illegal documents on the integration of Belarus into Russia. In fact it is the Russian project of the annexation of our country by Russia which would like to devour Belarus.

The state administration of Belarus is acting in violation of the Law and Constitution. This activity contradicts the national interests of our people.

It is necessary to stop the anti-constitutional negotiations. Every decision resulting from these negotiations has no legal force and should be interpreted as the anti-constitutional conspiracy. Далей...

13/12/2019 › Навіны, English


The Regime Has Rigged Elections to the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus; These Elections Could Not Be Recognized


November 17, 2019 the official elections to the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus took place.

In accordance with the information of the observers not more than 20% of voters came to the polling places November 17, 2019. Nevertheless the Central Electoral Commission has proclaimed the official number as more than 50% of electoral participation.

Many electoral frauds and the falsification of the statistics have been officially documented by the observers. Hundreds of electoral frauds have been committed by the authorities. Some of the local electoral commissions have exceeded the number of voters ten times. Далей...

18/11/2019 › Навіны, English


The Oppen Letter

President of Austria
Mr. Alexander Van der Bellen

President of the National Council of Austria
Mr. Wolfgang Sobotka

Chancellor of Austria, Chairman of the People’s Party of Austria
Mr. Sebastian Kurz

The Oppen Letter

Esteemed Gentlemen,

These days the President of the Republic of Belarus Mr. Aliaksandr Lukashenka is visiting Austria. These days the authorities of Belarus have opened the proceedings against Mr. Yuri Belenki, the Vice Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian People’s Front, the Member of Parliament (1990-1996).

The authorities persecute Mr. Belenki because he has participated in the commemorative events in memoriam of the victims of the Stalinist genocide in 1937-1941 which took place on November 3 and 10, 2019 in Minsk. Mr. Belenki was the official organizer of these events. These events where not commercial and were conducted peacefully. Далей...

12/11/2019 › Навіны, English


It Is Necessary to Stop the Illegal Process of the “Integration” of Belarus into Russia


The Lukashenka regime and the Kremlin are continuing the secret conspiratorial negotiations behind closed doors in Moscow in order to integrate Belarus into Russia. The Belarusian society has learned indirectly that Moscow is planning to “bite” the Belarusian sovereignty piece by piece in the near time. Moscow is able to impose this plan to its illegitimate vassals in the state administration of Belarus using different formulations. Далей...

22/10/2019 › Навіны, English


The Lukashenka Regime Is Manipulating the Statistics And Falsifying the Census. The Results of the Census 2019 in Belarus Could Not Be Recognized


October 4-30, 2019 the regime is carrying out the official census. The list of the questions included into the census questionnaire reflects two tasks of the pro-Moscow regime in Belarus. The first task is the argumentation for the implementation of the politics of assimilation and russification of Belarus. The second task represents an attempt to get the detailed information regarding the social and economic, cultural, ideological and political as well as family status of the person in order to secure the regime’s control over the population. Далей...

22/10/2019 › Навіны, English


Statement of the Soim of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian People’s Front.

The Current Belarusian Regime Has Declared That It Is Working On “the Program Of the Implementation Of “the Union Treaty” With the Russian Federation

The last time the official representatives, the office-holders of the senior posts in the state administration of Belarus, in particular Mr. Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Mr. Siarhey Rumas, are making the official statements on the State administration activity which is kept secret from the people. The state administration is acting together with its counterpart of the Russian Federation on the program of the implementation of “the 1999 Union Treaty” with Russia. (This “Union Treaty” is illegal, unconstitutional and never recognized in the world). Далей...

13/9/2019 › Навіны, English



The leadership of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian People’s Front on behalf of the Soim of the Party is authorized to declare the following:

The Russian secret special services are making preparations of the incorporation of Belarus into Russia. There are several witnesses of this activity: a special constant group of “the integration” has been founded in Moscow, the leadership of Russia (Mr. Medvedev) has made some aggressive statements as well as the Lukashenka pro-Moscow regime is acting in order to liquidate definitively the Belarusian civil society. The Lukashenka regime has started the intensive repressions against the journalists and non-governmental media. The regime is persecuting and liquidating the independent trade-unions and arresting the civil activists. Since April 4, 2019 the Lukashenka regime has started the destruction of the national Belarusian necropolis – the National Memorial in Kurapaty near Minsk which is the heritage monument of the first category. The Russian communists have shot 250 000 innocent persons in Kurapaty during the Russian communist genocide of the Belarusian nation in 1937-1941. Далей...

3/5/2019 › Навіны, English


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Беларускія Ведамасьці
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Старонкі гісторыі
Цікавая літаратура



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Ідзі і глядзі:


С. Навумчык. «Сем гадоў Адраджэньня, альбо фрагмэнты найноўшай беларускай гісторыі (1988-1995)»

З. Пазьняк. «Прамаскоўскі рэжым»

Зянон. Паэма «Вялікае Княства»

З. Пазьняк. «Развагі пра беларускія справы»

Курапаты  — беларуская сьвятыня

Збор фактаў расейскага тэрору супраць беларусаў

З. Пазьняк. «Беларуска-расейская вайна»

«Новае Стагоддзе» (PDF)

«Гутаркі з Антонам Шукелойцем» (PDF)



Беларуская Салідарнасьць:


1. Беларуская Салідарнасьць гэта ёсьць плятформа Беларускага Адраджэньня, форма ідэйнай лучнасьці паміж беларусамі і пазыцыя змаганьня з акупацыйным антыбеларускім рэжымам. Яе дэклярацыя салідарнасьці простая і надзейная, па прынцыпу Каліноўскага:
— Каго любіш?
— Люблю Беларусь.
— Дык узаемна.

2. Зьместам беларускага яднаньня ёсьць Беларуская нацыянальная дзяржава. Сымвалам Беларускай дзяржавы ёсьць нацыянальны Бел-Чырвона-Белы Сьцяг і гэрб Пагоня.

3. Беларуская Салідарнасьць стаіць за праўду Беларускага Адраджэньня, якое кажа: «Не правы чалавека — галоўнае для беларусаў, а незалежнасьць і свабода, бо не бывае „правоў чалавека“ пад акупацыяй». Трэба змагацца за свабоду і вызваленьне Беларусі, а не прасіць «правоў» у рэжыма і акупантаў. Акупанты правоў не даюць. Яны пакідаюць нам «права» быць рабочым матэрыялам дзеля іхных імпэрскіх інтарэсаў.

4. Беларуская Салідарнасьць сцьвярджае і абараняе дэмакратычныя каштоўнасьці народнага агульнанацыянальнага кшталту, якія мусяць шанаваць і бараніць усе беларусы перад небясьпекай агрэсіўнай пагрозы з Расеі і перад палітыкай антынацыянальнага рэжыму Лукашэнкі на Беларусі.

5. Беларуская Салідарнасьць мацуе грунт, кірунак дзеяньняў і ідэі беларускага змаганьня ў абарону беларускай незалежнасьці, мовы, культуры, беларускай нацыянальнай уласнасьці, маёмасьці і беларускай дзяржаўнай сістэмы дэмакратычнага існаваньня нацыі.

6. Усіх беларусаў як нацыю злучае і яднае беларуская мова, беларуская гісторыя, беларуская зямля, беларуская культура, беларуская дзяржава і ўся беларуская супольнасьць людзей — Беларускі Народ.

7. Усе беларусы, незалежна ад сьветапогляду і палітычных кірункаў, яднаюцца дзеля абароны беларускіх каштоўнасьцяў, беларускіх сымвалаў і беларускіх нацыянальных інтарэсаў.

8. Формы дзейнасьці Беларускай Салідарнасьці могуць быць рознымі, але заўсёды павінна ўлічвацца антыбеларуская палітыка прамаскоўскага рэжыму на Беларусі і пагроза нашаму нацыянальнаму, культурнаму і дзяржаўнаму існаваньню. Таму ва ўсіх справах — Беларусь перад усім. Трэба шанаваць усё беларускае. Шанаваць беларускую дзяржаўнасьць. Шанаваць беларускую мову і беларускі народ. Шанаваць беларускую зямлю і беларускую культуру. Шанаваць здабытак народнай працы. Беларус беларуса мусіць бараніць перад небясьпекай. Беларус беларусу мусіць дапамагаць. Беларус беларуса павінен падтрымліваць паўсюдна на Беларусі і ва ўсім сьвеце.

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