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Беларуская Салідарнасьць
Плятформа «Беларуская Салідарнасць»

The Soim of the Belarusan Popular Front “Adradzennie” and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF

April 10, 2005 the Soim of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF took place in Minsk. The Soim has heard the report by Mr. Zianon Pazniak, Chairman of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF:

«We are living in a very hard period of the human history. The culture is in crisis, the Christian person is being humiliated and destroyed, its soul is being transformed, the ideal essence is being disappearing. Europe has had such crisis 400-500 years ago. But then the religious society was able to win the infection of the spiritual destruction using its internal forces. Modern atheist Europe almost doesn’t have such internal forces. In the modern world the religion, the culture, the art and the morality are ceasing to be values. The surrogates are occupying the place of the true values.

This is a very difficult situation for the Belarusan people because our national consolidation has been blocked by the Russian communist occupation during almost one century. Our national culture has been damaged by the occupants. We ought revive our culture and country and consolidate our nation and society. But our attempts to do it are provoking the passive (Europe) and the active (Russia) hostility by the modern world. This is a big problem for us - the Belarusan people first of all because of the national passivity of the major part of our modern society.

The western liberals and the Russian imperialists have the common interests on the anti-national position. We understand this and must inform other persons, countries and political forces.

Nowadays the Russian imperialism and the actual occupation Minsk regime are our principal political enemies. The western liberalism represents for us in the main an ideological rival. We must understand this and determine correctly the tactic of our struggle defining the priorities. We must not have any illusions about the European politics with regard to Belarus. But one way or another Europe is and must be our ally. We must struggle against the liberal perversions in ideology and policy together with sensible Europe.

Russia represents an eternal danger for us.

It is necessary to support the Belarusan alternative before the presidential elections. We must do it now.

We know the tactics and the speeches by the so-called «opposition». This pseudo-opposition doesn’t believe in the victory, its leaders and activists don’t like our people. They accuse namely the people in all the misfortunes. It is symptomatic that all the pseudo-opposition leaders are agree that Lukashenka will participate in the presidential elections. We understand that these persons will play their role blindly and obediently like they did it during the illegal referendum in October 2004. We understand as well that the pseudo-opposition will be used in order to damage activity of the Belarusan patriots and to confuse the public opinion. Moscow is trying more actively to eliminate the centers of the Belarusan political emigration, to destroy the Belarusan national independent Church and to establish the Russian emigration organizations (directed by the KGB agents). Moscow is acting more aggressively and almost openly in America and Europe than during the cold war.

For example, on the beginning of April this year odious Hans Wieck has invited some pseudo-activists from Belgium (Belarusan «political emigrants» known as the KGB agents since their activity in Belarus) to Germany. Mr. Wieck presented them as «opposition politicians of the emigration» in the Bundestag and the German Foreign Office. They were even asked about their opinion on «human rights». These are the comic details. But there are tendencies much more serious and alarming which witness the Russian strategy. This is the war for Belarus. Moscow is preparing a big attack against us and using all the resources, diplomacy and agents.

We must present to the Belarusan and international society one question: to propose Lukashenka to renounce the participation in the next presidential elections (his participation would be illegal). It is impossible to be agrees with Lukashenka’s participation in the elections. He has not right to it. We must tell about it.

After the events in Kirghizia many persons ask the same question: who will be the next? We have to remember one simple truth. The revolution in Belarus has to be Belarusan. We don’t need the foreign revolutions in Belarus. Long live Belarus!»

Mr. Yuri Belenki, acting chairman in Belarus of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF, and Mr. Siarhei Papkou, deputy chairman of the Front and the Party, told about the political and economical situation in Belarus. Moscow and the pro-Russian Minsk regime are preparing the actions after the propagandistic campaign on May 9, this year in order to destroy the Belarusan state, our economy and society. The enemies of Belarus would launch the presidential elections (in order to fraud the poll and reserve the president’s post for Lukashenka) or the referendum (in order to fraud it and to adopt the illegal «constitutional act»). Moscow is preparing as well to introduce the Russian (occupation) currency into Belarus. The object of all these illegal actions is the liquidation of the independence of Belarus and occupation of our country by Russia. In the beginning of April this year the Russian-Belarusan military maneuvers took place in Belarus. They witness the aggressive plans of Moscow against Western Europe. The Russian strategic aviation with the nuclear weapon has operated on the Belarusan airfields and in the Belarusan sky. The Russian generals told publicly that «the Belarusan airfields will be used by the Russian aviation for the jump». The constitutional courts of Russian and Belarus continue to elaborate the illegal «constitutional act» (which will amend the Belarusan Constitution and permit the incorporation of Belarus into Russia). The Russian politicians make regularly the public announcements on the necessity to settle millions of immigrants (Belarusan people from destroyed impoverished Belarus) in Siberia and Northern Russia because of the demographic crisis and high mortality of the Russian population. Because of that the occupation pro-Russian Minsk regime is destroying the Belarusan economy and business and liquidating the Belarusan culture and language. The last «decree» by Lukashenka on the «rebirth of the Belarusan villages» is a program of the definitive annihilation of the Belarusan villages and the Belarusan economy as a whole. The regime plans to spend on the «program of rebirth» a half of the annual state budget of Belarus. This «program» was not discussed by the Belarusan society. All the financial resources of this «program» will be embezzled and stolen. The Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF must mobilize the Belarusan society in order to resist the aggressive anti-Belarusan plans of Moscow and the Minsk dictatorship. It is necessary to oppose to the enemies of Belarus our Belarusan alternative, our Belarusan candidate - Mr. Zianon Pazniak. The Belarusan people will defend our State in accordance with the Belarusan Constitution.

Information commission of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF
April 10, 2005

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Беларускія Ведамасьці
Змаганьне за Беларусь
Старонкі гісторыі
Цікавая літаратура



Красавік 2005
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Ідзі і глядзі:


С. Навумчык. «Сем гадоў Адраджэньня, альбо фрагмэнты найноўшай беларускай гісторыі (1988-1995)»

З. Пазьняк. «Прамаскоўскі рэжым»

Зянон. Паэма «Вялікае Княства»

З. Пазьняк. «Развагі пра беларускія справы»

Курапаты  — беларуская сьвятыня

Збор фактаў расейскага тэрору супраць беларусаў

З. Пазьняк. «Беларуска-расейская вайна»

«Новае Стагоддзе» (PDF)

«Гутаркі з Антонам Шукелойцем» (PDF)



Беларуская Салідарнасьць:


1. Беларуская Салідарнасьць гэта ёсьць плятформа Беларускага Адраджэньня, форма ідэйнай лучнасьці паміж беларусамі і пазыцыя змаганьня з акупацыйным антыбеларускім рэжымам. Яе дэклярацыя салідарнасьці простая і надзейная, па прынцыпу Каліноўскага:
— Каго любіш?
— Люблю Беларусь.
— Дык узаемна.

2. Зьместам беларускага яднаньня ёсьць Беларуская нацыянальная дзяржава. Сымвалам Беларускай дзяржавы ёсьць нацыянальны Бел-Чырвона-Белы Сьцяг і гэрб Пагоня.

3. Беларуская Салідарнасьць стаіць за праўду Беларускага Адраджэньня, якое кажа: «Не правы чалавека — галоўнае для беларусаў, а незалежнасьць і свабода, бо не бывае „правоў чалавека“ пад акупацыяй». Трэба змагацца за свабоду і вызваленьне Беларусі, а не прасіць «правоў» у рэжыма і акупантаў. Акупанты правоў не даюць. Яны пакідаюць нам «права» быць рабочым матэрыялам дзеля іхных імпэрскіх інтарэсаў.

4. Беларуская Салідарнасьць сцьвярджае і абараняе дэмакратычныя каштоўнасьці народнага агульнанацыянальнага кшталту, якія мусяць шанаваць і бараніць усе беларусы перад небясьпекай агрэсіўнай пагрозы з Расеі і перад палітыкай антынацыянальнага рэжыму Лукашэнкі на Беларусі.

5. Беларуская Салідарнасьць мацуе грунт, кірунак дзеяньняў і ідэі беларускага змаганьня ў абарону беларускай незалежнасьці, мовы, культуры, беларускай нацыянальнай уласнасьці, маёмасьці і беларускай дзяржаўнай сістэмы дэмакратычнага існаваньня нацыі.

6. Усіх беларусаў як нацыю злучае і яднае беларуская мова, беларуская гісторыя, беларуская зямля, беларуская культура, беларуская дзяржава і ўся беларуская супольнасьць людзей — Беларускі Народ.

7. Усе беларусы, незалежна ад сьветапогляду і палітычных кірункаў, яднаюцца дзеля абароны беларускіх каштоўнасьцяў, беларускіх сымвалаў і беларускіх нацыянальных інтарэсаў.

8. Формы дзейнасьці Беларускай Салідарнасьці могуць быць рознымі, але заўсёды павінна ўлічвацца антыбеларуская палітыка прамаскоўскага рэжыму на Беларусі і пагроза нашаму нацыянальнаму, культурнаму і дзяржаўнаму існаваньню. Таму ва ўсіх справах — Беларусь перад усім. Трэба шанаваць усё беларускае. Шанаваць беларускую дзяржаўнасьць. Шанаваць беларускую мову і беларускі народ. Шанаваць беларускую зямлю і беларускую культуру. Шанаваць здабытак народнай працы. Беларус беларуса мусіць бараніць перад небясьпекай. Беларус беларусу мусіць дапамагаць. Беларус беларуса павінен падтрымліваць паўсюдна на Беларусі і ва ўсім сьвеце.

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