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The Soim of the Belarusan Popular Front “Adradzennie” and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF

December 12, 2004 the Soim of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF took place in Minsk. The Soim has heard the report by Mr. Zianon Pazniak, Chairman of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF:

«Ukraine has demonstrated that the Fatherland has the future if the best persons are fighting for it. We must know also that our struggle has a big sense. We must not be afraid of the obstacles. We must approach our Belarusan light future.

After the pro-Moscow regime and its «opposition» have carried on the affair with the illegal «referendum» everybody (even the persons which hoped to see the unexpected changes in their consciousness) understand the real essence of these public men. Any «changes» are impossible. These public men are lost and finished. Nobody of them deserves to be Belarusan politician. Because of that it is senseless to speak with them about the Fatherland. We can expect of them only the destructive activity against Belarus.

It is necessary to repudiate this «liberal commune». We have just seen how they had supported in 2001 (the presidential elections) the Moscow’s henchman U. Hancharyk (Goncharik) in spite of his communist odious nature and nonentity. They had made the conscious choice between the national democracy and the Russian project in order to use the foreign grants and resources. They are not politicians. They are like the mould. These persons are like the weeds and the foam on the muddy water, they are acting in foreign interests. They have driven the people into the illegal «referendum». After this action they have lost their face.

The regime has used the so-called «referendum» in order to preserve and to perpetuate the Lukashenka in power by every method. This task has been resolved impudently. Liberal Europe and the pseudo-opposition in Belarus have played their important roles in this affair securing the success of the regime. But the main reason of the dictatorship’s success was the attitude of the Belarusan society: it didn’t defend its national honour and its future.

The society didn’t resist because it didn’t see any persons, any forces, any ideals worth to be defended. The people has had right. Nobody will support the nonentities and go with them to the nonplus. But Ukraine has demonstrated which way could choose our people.

I spoke earlier that the frauds of the false «referendum» signify the end of every electoral struggle in Belarus. The presidential elections - 2006 will be launched by the same methods like the «referendum» on October 17, this year.

But we have to participate in the presidential elections. On the illegal «referendum» on October 17 the people should express its attitude only about one person - Lukashenka. The people didn’t have the personal choice, it could express only the personal negation (the negation of the Lukashenka regime). It was possible to express this negation only through the boycott. It was inadmissible to participate in the «referendum» and become victim of the fraud. The system of the fraud should function in vain. And everybody could see this absurd situation.

The boycott didn’t guarantee the political victory but our society would have in every case the moral victory. The pseudo-opposition supported by European Chamberlains did deprive the people of this victory. The Belarusan people had been humiliated and deceived. They have spit into the people’s face. They told hypocritically «Let us go to the poll and to say our NO!» and called the people into the trap prepared by the regime.

But the presidential elections (even in the circumstances of the administrative pressure and the system of electoral frauds) present other social and political situation as distinguished from the referendum about one person or even the parliamentary elections.

The presidential elections in modern Belarus represent the choice between concrete persons - between the representative of the pro-Moscow regime and the representative of the national alternative. If this alternative would not exist the people would not have any choice. This would signify that the nation doesn’t exist because the nation cannot be blind. The nation is sighted. Because of that the Belarusan alternative must be presented. The Belarusan idea must be evident. The people must see it and know that we have our idea.

We propose the national democratic Belarusan alternative against the anti-national and pro-Russian alternative - this fact witnesses the national perspective of the Belarusan people.

The struggle for the person which represents the future of the nation will be more powerful during the presidential elections than the system of the frauds and the administrative pressure in the case if the people would defend its own choice.

The regime is not able to win the Belarusan idea. But the regime will try to prevent the realization of this idea. The regime has isolated itself from the Western world. It is based only on Russia. It will use the same methods like during the «referendum»: to preserve the power and to win by every illegal method.

The regime will try not to admit the Belarusan national alternative on the elections. The regime will use the pseudo-alternative - some of its own agents, for example Mr. Haydukevich. The regime will not use the pseudo-opposition because it will not have the superfluous game and the superfluous cares.

But the situation will be different if we would demonstrate the power of our idea. The power of our idea is based on the platform The Belarusan Solidarity. Our political activity is based on this platform as well.

The illegal «referendum» on October 17 has defined two positions which exist in the Belarusan policy:

– the pro-Moscow position: the regime and its «opposition» (coalitions «Five plus» and others) as well as the eastern and western agents;

– and the Belarusan position of the state independence based on the priorities of the democratic Belarusan state, Belarusan culture, language and national economic interest of our country.

We are supporting the position of the Belarusan democratic independent state. Our national alternative is opposed to the regime. This position is produced by the Belarusan people and is based on this people. Our alternative is the alternative of the Belarusan People.

Our electoral position is based on the platform of the Belarusan Solidarity.

The initiative Belarusan Solidarity has been formed by us in 2000. We have formulated the main principles of the initiative which becomes actual now. I see how powerful is this great idea and this movement which can mobilize the whole nation in order to defend our honour, culture, interests and justice».

Mr. Yuri Belenki, acting chairman in Belarus of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF, and Mr. Siarhey Papkou, the deputy chairman of the Front and the Party, have told on the political situation and the questions of our activity. The members of the Soim from the different regions of Belarus told on the powerful influence of the Ukrainian revolution on the conscience of the Belarusan people. The people has seen that we have the possibilities to carry on the transformation of the state and to secure the normal national development in Belarus. It is necessary to unite the Belarusan people in order to struggle against the Russian imperialist occupation and its local henchmen. The members of the Soim have stressed that the people has lost the confidence into the «united» pseudo-opposition (coalitions «Five plus» etc.) which had acted together with the regime calling the people to participate on the false «referendum» and the «elections» on October 17.

The Soim has adopted the Platform of the People’s Unity The Belarusan Solidarity, the Resolution «Mr. Zianon Pazniak, The Leader Of The Belarusan National Rebirth, Is Appointed The Candidate On The Presidential Elections In Belarus» and the Appeal «The People Has Defended Ukraine From The Russian KGB Empire» (the texts are joined).

The Soim of the Belarusan Popular Front «Adradzennie» and the Conservative Christian Party - BPF
December 12, 2004, Minsk


1. The Soim put forward candidature of Mr. Zianon Pazniak, leader of the Belarusan national Rebirth, on the presidential elections in Belarus as the personal alternative of the Belarusan People’s Platform.

2. The members of the Party and the Party structures start the preparation to the electoral presidential campaign. This is the most important task of our activity in 2004-2006.

The Soim of the Conservative Christian Party - BPF
December 12, 2004

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Беларускія Ведамасьці
Змаганьне за Беларусь
Старонкі гісторыі
Цікавая літаратура



Сьнежань 2004
« Ліс   Сту »

Ідзі і глядзі:


С. Навумчык. «Сем гадоў Адраджэньня, альбо фрагмэнты найноўшай беларускай гісторыі (1988-1995)»

З. Пазьняк. «Прамаскоўскі рэжым»

Зянон. Паэма «Вялікае Княства»

З. Пазьняк. «Развагі пра беларускія справы»

Курапаты  — беларуская сьвятыня

Збор фактаў расейскага тэрору супраць беларусаў

З. Пазьняк. «Беларуска-расейская вайна»

«Новае Стагоддзе» (PDF)

«Гутаркі з Антонам Шукелойцем» (PDF)



Беларуская Салідарнасьць:


1. Беларуская Салідарнасьць гэта ёсьць плятформа Беларускага Адраджэньня, форма ідэйнай лучнасьці паміж беларусамі і пазыцыя змаганьня з акупацыйным антыбеларускім рэжымам. Яе дэклярацыя салідарнасьці простая і надзейная, па прынцыпу Каліноўскага:
— Каго любіш?
— Люблю Беларусь.
— Дык узаемна.

2. Зьместам беларускага яднаньня ёсьць Беларуская нацыянальная дзяржава. Сымвалам Беларускай дзяржавы ёсьць нацыянальны Бел-Чырвона-Белы Сьцяг і гэрб Пагоня.

3. Беларуская Салідарнасьць стаіць за праўду Беларускага Адраджэньня, якое кажа: «Не правы чалавека — галоўнае для беларусаў, а незалежнасьць і свабода, бо не бывае „правоў чалавека“ пад акупацыяй». Трэба змагацца за свабоду і вызваленьне Беларусі, а не прасіць «правоў» у рэжыма і акупантаў. Акупанты правоў не даюць. Яны пакідаюць нам «права» быць рабочым матэрыялам дзеля іхных імпэрскіх інтарэсаў.

4. Беларуская Салідарнасьць сцьвярджае і абараняе дэмакратычныя каштоўнасьці народнага агульнанацыянальнага кшталту, якія мусяць шанаваць і бараніць усе беларусы перад небясьпекай агрэсіўнай пагрозы з Расеі і перад палітыкай антынацыянальнага рэжыму Лукашэнкі на Беларусі.

5. Беларуская Салідарнасьць мацуе грунт, кірунак дзеяньняў і ідэі беларускага змаганьня ў абарону беларускай незалежнасьці, мовы, культуры, беларускай нацыянальнай уласнасьці, маёмасьці і беларускай дзяржаўнай сістэмы дэмакратычнага існаваньня нацыі.

6. Усіх беларусаў як нацыю злучае і яднае беларуская мова, беларуская гісторыя, беларуская зямля, беларуская культура, беларуская дзяржава і ўся беларуская супольнасьць людзей — Беларускі Народ.

7. Усе беларусы, незалежна ад сьветапогляду і палітычных кірункаў, яднаюцца дзеля абароны беларускіх каштоўнасьцяў, беларускіх сымвалаў і беларускіх нацыянальных інтарэсаў.

8. Формы дзейнасьці Беларускай Салідарнасьці могуць быць рознымі, але заўсёды павінна ўлічвацца антыбеларуская палітыка прамаскоўскага рэжыму на Беларусі і пагроза нашаму нацыянальнаму, культурнаму і дзяржаўнаму існаваньню. Таму ва ўсіх справах — Беларусь перад усім. Трэба шанаваць усё беларускае. Шанаваць беларускую дзяржаўнасьць. Шанаваць беларускую мову і беларускі народ. Шанаваць беларускую зямлю і беларускую культуру. Шанаваць здабытак народнай працы. Беларус беларуса мусіць бараніць перад небясьпекай. Беларус беларусу мусіць дапамагаць. Беларус беларуса павінен падтрымліваць паўсюдна на Беларусі і ва ўсім сьвеце.

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