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The pseudo-opposition is playing an anti-belarusan game


On October 1-2, 2005 the so-called “congress of the democratic forces” took place in Minsk. The organizers have communicated in the mass media before the “congress” that 400 “delegates” will participate in the “congress”. But the day of the “congress” more than 800 persons have been registered as delegates. We mean that the organizers hurriedly gathered the “ delegates” in some strange way. This particularity and other traits witness that this action called “the congress” was a next noisy show by the anti-Belarusan pseudo-opposition. The organizers and the participants of this show stressed actively that they were united because they “don’t like Lukashenka”. Perhaps this is truth, but these motley, variegated political and ideological groups cannot have any other common idea (the communists, socialists from several socialist parties, liberals and numerous specialists of the political business have participated in the “congress”). They proclaimed several times their faithfulness to the democracy. Sometimes they mentioned “the independence of Belarus”. As usual, their words about the patriotism were not more than the empty rhetoric. The ceremony of the inauguration of the “congress” was symbolical. The organizers didn’t erected officially no one national Belarusan White-Red-White flag (since 1988 the Belarusan patriots are fighting under this flag for the liberation of Belarus). Mr. A. Bukhvostov, the chairman of the organization committee of the “congress”, has opened the “congress” speaking in Russian language (the language of the Russian occupants). This is not accidentally. In the last years he and other organizers of the “congress” (A. Lebedko, A. Dobrovolsky, V. Vyachorka etc.) visit regularly Moscow in order to give the information to the Russian state structures and special services as well as to receive in Moscow the advices and propositions. The mentioned persons did just tell publicly that “they will carry on the integration of Russia and Belarus better than Lukashenka”. It is known that this “united democratic opposition” has been formed by the united efforts of the Russian and German political services at the end of the 1990s in order to weaken the national resistance of the Belarusan people, to deceive and disorient the Belarusan and international public opinion, as well as to split and liquidate the Belarusan Popular Front “Adradzennie”. The “congress” was only the next pseudo-action by these pseudo-democrats. They have the unique object – to receive the grants from the Occident and Russia for their pseudo-opposition activity. The destiny of Belarus and our people don’t interest them. They are ready to execute every order from Moscow and Brussels, even if directed against Belarus.

The motley “democrats” have elected the so-called “unique candidate” which (in accordance with their declarations) “will compete with Lukashenka on the presidential elections in 2006”. This is Mr. A. Milinkevich called by the “independent” mass media “the nationalist, member of the Popular Front and patriot”. We inform that A. Milinkevich was not the member of the Belarusan Popular Front in any time. Namely his activity has caused the disorganization of the Popular Front’s structures in Grodna region where A. Milinkevich acted in the political business. A. Milinkevich is acting as the director of the so-called “resource center of the opposition” during several years. I.e. he is disposing of the big finance transactions, distributing the grants and deciding to give or not to give the money to the “democrats”. This “opposition finance” activity is carried on in the circumstances of the dictatorial regime which had forbidden and liquidated hundreds of Belarusan newspapers, magazines, gymnasiums and schools. But A. Milinkevich continues his activity without any kind of problems. It is obvious that the pro-Moscow dictatorship is interested in his “center”. Namely A. Milinkevich and his center had financed the campaign by the pseudo-opposition in October 2004 when the “opposition” called the people to participate in the pseudo-referendum and “to say NO to Lukashenka” (this campaign had secured the necessary poll and the dictatorship could execute the electoral frauds). After he was elected the “unique candidate” A. Milinkevich has made some so obscure declarations that it was impossible to understand his position. But one point is absolutely clear in his political position – he doesn’t recognize that Russia is carrying on the aggression against Belarus, that Russia represents the threat to our sovereignty and independence. For A. Milinkevich Russia is a “good partner” and no more. The journalists and the witnesses of the final part of the “congress” have seen that the young KGB officers protect the “candidate” of the pseudo-opposition. A. Milinkevich even doesn’t hide this fact. He has publicly expressed his gratitude to the “bodies of the public order” and personally to the director of the KGB Mr. S.M. Sukharenka (newspaper “Narodnaya Volya”, October 7, 2005). A. Milinkevich and his masters represent the dummy pseudo-opposition which is deceiving the Belarusan people by the pseudo-opposition rhetoric and promoting the occupation of Belarus by the Russian imperialism.

The “congress” was an action of the pro-Moscow game even in tactical sense because already now one of the activists of the pseudo-opposition A. Kazulin (Kozulin) has made an official statement that he will not recognize the “unique candidate” and will personally candidate on presidency. These declarations and these candidates will become more numerous in the near future. They are acting not against Lukashenka. They have the main object – to disorient the society and to blackmail the real candidate of the Belarusan national democracy and the Belarusan people – Mr. Zianon Pazniak. Namely Mr. Zianon Pazniak really expresses the idea and the interests of free Belarus and the democratic Belarusan nation. The analysis of the situation confirms that Moscow has chosen Lukashenka as the best “integrator” (Moscow doesn’t need some other better henchman). Recently Moscow has given a big credit to Lukashenka which must be used for his electoral campaign and in order to preserve a certain stability in Belarus in this period. “The congress” is a noisy and senseless action by the pseudo-opposition carried on in accordance with the actual pro-Moscow regime. “The unique candidate” will secure actively the next “elegant victory” of Lukashenka on the next falsified elections.

We are surprised because many representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in Belarus were presented at this “congress”. We are surprised as well that many foreign democratic parties and leaders congratulated actively “the congress”. The politicians from the democratic countries are supporting this action carried on by the dictatorial regime and the Russian special services in stead to analyze attentively the facts and events in Belarus.

The dictatorial regime doesn’t have the future in Belarus, the Russian empire is disintegrating. It is impossible to stop the historical process. The Belarusan patriots will defend the independence of Belarus against the Russian imperialism and its local servants in spite of the fact that many foreign politicians don’t understand the situation in Belarus.

The people don’t believe in the false and corrupt pseudo-opposition. Only the popular Belarusan Solidarity based on the Belarusan idea and the Belarusan free state represents the way to the liberation and democracy in Belarus.

The Soim of the Belarusan Popular Front “Adradzennie” and the Conservative Christian Party – BPF
October 9, 2005

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Беларускія Ведамасьці
Змаганьне за Беларусь
Старонкі гісторыі
Цікавая літаратура



Кастрычнік 2005
« Вер   Ліс »

Ідзі і глядзі:


С. Навумчык. «Сем гадоў Адраджэньня, альбо фрагмэнты найноўшай беларускай гісторыі (1988-1995)»

З. Пазьняк. «Прамаскоўскі рэжым»

Зянон. Паэма «Вялікае Княства»

З. Пазьняк. «Развагі пра беларускія справы»

Курапаты  — беларуская сьвятыня

Збор фактаў расейскага тэрору супраць беларусаў

З. Пазьняк. «Беларуска-расейская вайна»

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Беларуская Салідарнасьць:


1. Беларуская Салідарнасьць гэта ёсьць плятформа Беларускага Адраджэньня, форма ідэйнай лучнасьці паміж беларусамі і пазыцыя змаганьня з акупацыйным антыбеларускім рэжымам. Яе дэклярацыя салідарнасьці простая і надзейная, па прынцыпу Каліноўскага:
— Каго любіш?
— Люблю Беларусь.
— Дык узаемна.

2. Зьместам беларускага яднаньня ёсьць Беларуская нацыянальная дзяржава. Сымвалам Беларускай дзяржавы ёсьць нацыянальны Бел-Чырвона-Белы Сьцяг і гэрб Пагоня.

3. Беларуская Салідарнасьць стаіць за праўду Беларускага Адраджэньня, якое кажа: «Не правы чалавека — галоўнае для беларусаў, а незалежнасьць і свабода, бо не бывае „правоў чалавека“ пад акупацыяй». Трэба змагацца за свабоду і вызваленьне Беларусі, а не прасіць «правоў» у рэжыма і акупантаў. Акупанты правоў не даюць. Яны пакідаюць нам «права» быць рабочым матэрыялам дзеля іхных імпэрскіх інтарэсаў. How to BTC to USD Exchange |

4. Беларуская Салідарнасьць сцьвярджае і абараняе дэмакратычныя каштоўнасьці народнага агульнанацыянальнага кшталту, якія мусяць шанаваць і бараніць усе беларусы перад небясьпекай агрэсіўнай пагрозы з Расеі і перад палітыкай антынацыянальнага рэжыму Лукашэнкі на Беларусі.

5. Беларуская Салідарнасьць мацуе грунт, кірунак дзеяньняў і ідэі беларускага змаганьня ў абарону беларускай незалежнасьці, мовы, культуры, беларускай нацыянальнай уласнасьці, маёмасьці і беларускай дзяржаўнай сістэмы дэмакратычнага існаваньня нацыі.

6. Усіх беларусаў як нацыю злучае і яднае беларуская мова, беларуская гісторыя, беларуская зямля, беларуская культура, беларуская дзяржава і ўся беларуская супольнасьць людзей — Беларускі Народ.

7. Усе беларусы, незалежна ад сьветапогляду і палітычных кірункаў, яднаюцца дзеля абароны беларускіх каштоўнасьцяў, беларускіх сымвалаў і беларускіх нацыянальных інтарэсаў.

8. Формы дзейнасьці Беларускай Салідарнасьці могуць быць рознымі, але заўсёды павінна ўлічвацца антыбеларуская палітыка прамаскоўскага рэжыму на Беларусі і пагроза нашаму нацыянальнаму, культурнаму і дзяржаўнаму існаваньню. Таму ва ўсіх справах — Беларусь перад усім. Трэба шанаваць усё беларускае. Шанаваць беларускую дзяржаўнасьць. Шанаваць беларускую мову і беларускі народ. Шанаваць беларускую зямлю і беларускую культуру. Шанаваць здабытак народнай працы. Беларус беларуса мусіць бараніць перад небясьпекай. Беларус беларусу мусіць дапамагаць. Беларус беларуса павінен падтрымліваць паўсюдна на Беларусі і ва ўсім сьвеце.

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