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04/03/2007 › News . Comments: 0


A Strategy Against Belarus

Recently the Austrian newspapers have published the information about the visits by Mr. Mikhail Marynich (Marinich) in Vienna in December 2006 and January 2007. They called him one of the leaders of the Belarusan opposition. Mr. Marynich has elaborated together with the Austrian colleagues a new strategy for Belarus. Now the working group is distributing in Europe the document under the title A Strategy for Belarus.
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A.Lukashenka is Responsible For the Electoral Frauds On the Presidential Elections on March 19, 2006

January 19, 2007 the Soim of the Conservative Christian Party BPF has handed in an application to the Supreme Court of Belarus. The Soim has expressed its demand to start a criminal cause on the electoral frauds on the presidential elections in March 2006. Aliaxandr Lukashenka has told on these electoral frauds during the press conference for the Ukrainian journalists in Minsk November 23, 2006.
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On the threat for the sovereignty of Belarus by Russia

The Putins authorities are using the status of Russia (Russia is the exporter of the energetic resources the petrol and the gas) in order to execute the political pressure on Belarus and to provoke the economical crisis as well as to liquidate the sovereignty of the Belarusan state. More...
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On the deportation of the russian ambassador from Belarus

The ambassador of Russia in Belarus Mr. Alexander Surikov has spoken publicly presenting the provocative declarations on the illegitimate referendum in Belarus which will secure the annexation of Belarus by Russia. More...
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The Active Boycott


On November 5, this year the Lukashenka regime has started the nomination of the candidates to the next elections to the local authorities (the local Soviets). The regime has mobilized its entire administration in order to nominate the regimes candidates which will be elected without fail. For the first time the regime is nominating so many its own observers (from the state factories, local administration, universities and schools etc.)  More...
15/11/2006 › News . Comments: 0


The Monument in Kurapaty has been Created by the Belarusan People


The victims of the Russian Communist terror against the Belarusan people have been buried in Kurapaty near Minsk. More than 200 thousands innocent persons have been killed by the butchers of the Russian secret police NKVD in the 1930-s 1941 only on this place. More...
15/11/2006 › News . Comments: 0


It is necessaru to unite for Belarus and not to vote for the dictatorship


After the illegitimate presidential elections launched in March this year the anti-Belarusan policy of the Lukashenka regime has taken more apparently forms of the occupation. Its main traits are the persecution of the Belarusan young people, the judicial repressions, the liquidation of the Belarusan cultural centers and organizations. The regime is executing the Moscow project of the annihilation of the national civil society in Belarus. More...
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On the russian political aggression

(Appeal to the leadership of the great states)

The state institutions, official leaders and politicians of Russia declare publicly their aggressive plans of the liquidation of the independent Belarusan state and incorporation of the Belarusan state territory into Russia.  More...
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The VII Congress of the Conservative Christian Party BPF and the IX Congress of the Belarusan Popular Front Adradzennie

May 27, 2006 the VII Congress of the Conservative Christian Party BPF and the IX Congress of the Belarusan Popular Front Adraradzennie took place in Minsk. The Congress has discussed the political, social and economical situation in Belarus. Mr. Zianon Pazniak has been reelected the Chairman of the Belarusan Popular Front Adradzennieand the Conservative Christian Party BPF. Mr. Yuri Belenki and Mr. Siarhey Papkou have been reelected the deputies chairman of the Front and the Party. The Congress has elected a new Soim (the main body) of the Front and the Party. A Resolution It Is Necessary to Defend the Independence of Belarus has been adopted by the Congress.
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